Why Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is the best choice for placing any ready-made garment orders. In Bangladesh we have the huge advantage of being able to manufacture the highest quality garments in world at the best price.

  •   More than 30 years of experience.

  •   Second largest Ready Made Garments exporter in the world.
  •   Labor cost is very low.
  •   More than 4 million highly skilled workers.
  •   More than 5000 garment factories.

  •   Strongest backward linkage.

  •    Creates jobs for more then 25 million people.
  • Total export of $42.6 billion in the fiscal 2021-2022

  •   Contributes to more than 12% of GDP.

  •    Enjoys zero duty access in the European Union, Canada, Australia, Japan, Norway and Switzerland through GSP scheme.

  •    Has set a vision to reach $50 billion of RMG exports by 2021.